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Defective products can cause injury or damage because of the defect in the product, the labeling, or the way the product was used. Inadequately warning consumers can result in liability to the manufacturer. Beyond the manufacturer, others involved in the chain of commerce involving the products are often liable for injuries defective products cause. Each year more than a million Americans are injured because of defective products.

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Defective products can arise from improper designs or improper manufacturing techniques in making the product. The degree of inherent problems with the product is generally increased if there is a defective design since all of the products manufactured will have this characteristic. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the manufacturing process, not all the products may be defective, but liability can result from negligently manufacturing the product. YOU NEED TO CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE TALKING TO A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY

Three legal theories common to most defective product litigations are as follows:

  1. Manufacturing defect-- In such defective product cases, the injury was caused as a result of a defect in the manufacture of the product. An example would be a chair which was built with a small crack in the frame, which breaks when used, causing an injury.
  2. Design defect-- In these defective product cases the injury was caused by a poor design (even though there may be no defect in the individual product itself). A common example would be a piece of industrial machinery which was built without a proper safety device, and an injury happens while using the machine.
  3. Failure to warn or inadequate warning-- These defective product cases refer to injuries caused as a result of a product known to be potentially dangerous which was sold without a proper warning to the consumer. An example would be an over-the-counter drug sold without a warning of the hazards of use with certain other drugs, or excessive consumption, or possible side effects from its use

Why Choose Page Law Firm P.C. If You Experience An Injury Due To A Defective Product?

If you or a family member has been injured because of a defective product, you should consult a defective product attorney familiar with defective product cases at the earliest opportunity to protect your right of recovery. These types of defective product cases can also cause the removal of the product from commerce and recalls of the product. Defective products cases require extensive resources and experience. Expert witnesses alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars just for an initial evaluation. Not every lawyer has the resources to litigate these cases. The defective product attorneys at Page Law Firm P.C. have the resources and experience to take on large corporations.